10 Best Beer Cities In US For Vacationers

, 10 Best Beer Cities In US For Vacationers

Beer lovers have special needs when it comes to vacations. And HomeToGo, an online site offering vacation rentals, just compiled a list of the best US cities for sipping suds.

HomeToGo began this ranking by creating a shortlist of the top US cities for beer production in using information from openbrewerydb.org and the brewers association

Then they researched each city based on 4 data points: the number of top rated beer bars in each city, the number of breweries & brew pubs, the median nightly price of an accommodation and the average price of a pint of beer.

After obtaining the raw data, the vacation rental site assigned each data point a representative numerical value between 5 and 10, with 5 representing the lowest data point and 10 representing the highest data point.

And here’s (Drum roll please) what they came up with…

10)  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

   9) Tampa, Florida

  8)  Austin, Texas

  7) Asheville, North Carolina

  6) New York, New York

  5) Seattle, Washington

  4) Denver, Colorado

  3) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  2) Portland, Oregon

  1) Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, which ruled this ranking in 2022, is widely celebrated for its rapid-growing brewery scene. The brewery scene has taken off over the past few decades with Goose Island Beer opening in 1988. Other local brewers like Two Brothers, Half Acre Beer Company, and Metropolitan Brewing have also become tremendously popular over the years.

Top Rated Bars: 106 | Breweries: 50 | Avg. Price of a Domestic Pint: $5.00 | Avg. Accommodation Price: $338

Nicknamed “Beervana,” Portland, Oregon, deserves its #2 Best Beer City status. Since 1988, the city has been home to one of America’s largest annual craft beer festivals, the Oregon Brewers Festival, where thousands of beer lovers sample cutting-edge offerings. It also offers more affordable vacation rentals

Top Rated Bars: 65 | Breweries: 52 | Avg. Price of a Domestic Pint: $6.00 | Avg. Accommodation Price: $232

“As more cities in the US continue to expand and diversify their beer scenes, Caroline Burns, director of PR at HomeToGo said, “we are excited to share this cheers-worthy guide to help travelers find the best destinations to raise their glasses.”

“We hope this index motivates travelers to seize the hop-portunity to enjoy the end of summer by exploring exciting destinations and trying new brews,” Burns added.


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