Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes In US By State

, Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes In US By State

We get that we’re a craft beer site…but don’t act like you don’t want to know.

Here’s the deal…

Online career site Zippia released a ranking of peoples’ favorite Thanksgiving side dishes by state. Their research was hardly rocket science but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still stupid fun.

Zippia basically used Google keyword trends to find the favorite of more than 20 traditional side dishes and ranked foods that came in at #1

Key Findings

  • Mashed potatoes are the favorite of 10 states. (How come we’re not surprised?)
  • Right behind mashed potatoes is mac n’ cheese (We would have thought stuffing.)
  • While most states are reaching for the carbs, Maine went with the side salad and we have to ask WTF?
  • The Midwest is all about casseroles, especially of green bean casseroles.
  • In Alabama stuffing isn’t called, it’s called “dressing” down there.
  • Only New Hampshire is a big fan of cranberry sauce, even Massachusetts where most cranberries are farmed, went with stuffing.
  • Biscuits. Rolls. Crescent rolls. Forget the fancy sides, hot bread rules!
  • 47 states went with carbs. Only 3 went with vegetable and we bet those dishes are drenched in fat.

Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish by State

AlaskaHashbrown casserole
ArizonaGreen bean casserole
ArkansasWhite Gravy
CaliforniaMashed Potatoes
ColoradoMashed Potatoes
ConnecticutMashed Potatoes
DelawareMac And Cheese
District of ColumbiaMac And Cheese
FloridaSweet Potato Casserole
GeorgiaMac And Cheese
HawaiiTurkey gravy
IdahoGreen bean casserole
IllinoisMashed Potatoes
IndianaDeviled Eggs
KansasCream Corn
KentuckyBroccoli Casserole
LouisianaCornbread Dressing
MaineSide Salad
MarylandMac And Cheese
MichiganGreen bean casserole
MinnesotaMashed Potatoes
MississippiBaked Sweet Potatoes
MontanaMashed Potatoes
NebraskaGreen bean casserole
NevadaMashed Potatoes
New HampshireCranberry Sauce
New JerseyStuffing
New MexicoGreen bean casserole
New YorkStuffing
North CarolinaMac And Cheese
North DakotaMashed Potatoes
OhioGreen bean casserole
Rhode IslandStuffing
South CarolinaMac And Cheese
South DakotaCrescent Rolls
TennesseeSweet Potato Casserole
TexasGreen bean casserole
VirginiaMac And Cheese
WashingtonMashed Potatoes
West VirginiaRolls
WisconsinMashed Potatoes
WyomingBrown Gravy



Happy Thanksgiving from the American Craft Beer crew….Now back to beer.





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