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Ipswich & Kennebunk, MA & ME


Ipswich & Kennebunk, MA & ME


There are two stories here, that of Session beer as a category and that of Chris Lohring,  brewer and Notch founder. And then there is the reason these two stories matter.

There is a myth born of the craft beer movement that flavorful beer is synonymous with high alcohol. The art of brewing great beer in the US without a debilitating ABV had seemed all but dead. Not anymore. Myths are simply myths, and beers of great flavor and quality have been brewed for hundreds of years in every great brewing nation except ours. Chris is not out to change the US craft beer world, but to simply brew the beers he loves to drink, and he thinks he is not alone.

Chris has been brewing professionally since 1993, first as an apprentice at Kennebunkport Brewing, then at the Tremont Brewery in Boston MA starting in 1994. Today, Chris is an independent brewer - he owns no facility - instead brewing and collaborating with other breweries. He currently brews his beers at two locations, the Ipswich Ale Brewery (Bottles & Draft) and Kennebunkport Brewery (Cask).

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