Evil Genius Brewing Company

Milford, NY


currently contract brews at the Cooperstown Brewing Company in Milford, NY
Milford, NY 13807


The team at Evil Genius has been scouting locations in PA recently, and hope to begin the process of constructing a local PA brewery by 2014.


We love craft beer. We drink craft beer. And now, we make craft beer. The idea for our business came out of the usual "we should start a brewery" conversation that every guy has had with a friend at one point in time. However, most friends convince each other that starting a brewery is definitely a pipe dream and abandon the scheme altogether. What makes us different is that we each made a commitment to someday reach this goal. And after years of hard work, we have you, our loyal drinkers, to thank for helping to make this business a success. The Evil Genius Beer Company just recently celebrated it's 1 Year Anniversary in early September, and we look forward to many more to come! Currently, we work with the amazing team at Cooperstown Brewing Company in New York State, who help to handcraft each batch of Evil Genius using the best available water, malt, hops, and yeast.

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