Shmaltz Brewing Co.

San Francisco,, CA


912 Cole St., #338
San Francisco,, CA 94117


No brewery tours-sorry


Shmaltz Brewing Company is an American craft brewing company based in San Francisco, California that owns HE'BREW Beer and Coney Island Craft Lagers. Founded as "American Jewish Celebration Beer" by proprietor Jeremy Cowan, the company's beers now are distributed in over thirty-one U.S. states, Canada, and England. Shmaltz is known for blurring beer styles and using puns, art, history, and pop culture in every aspect of their products. As a contract brewer, Shmaltz buys space and ingredients at Mendocino Brewing Company and Mendocino's brewery staff brews Shmaltz's proprietary recipes for both the HE'BREW Beer and Coney Island Craft Lagers lines, Shmaltz Brewing Company was recently recognized as "Best Craft Brewer" by Beverage World Magazine at their 2010 BevStar Awards, and ranked by craft beer consumer website as one of the 100 "Best Brewers of 2011."

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