Bonfire Brewing

Eagle, CO


127 W. Second Street
Eagle, CO 81631


Monday-Wednesday from 5:30pm until at least 10pm. Thursday-Saturday 4pm-Closing (Around Midnight, earlier – 10:30ish – on Thursdays) Sunday 3pm-8pm HAPPY HOUR — Everyday until 7pm — all pints, $3.25


Like many microbreweries before it, Bonfire Brewing began in a garage. With a few 5-gallon buckets and some extracts, tolerable beer was soon regularly on-hand for friends and family. But, we found ourselves asking out loud, "Why bottle and make all that mess when you can keg, and more importantly, kegerate?" With some extensive (Google and research, a bit of amateur welding, and only a few electrocutions, a 10-gallon all-grain system was born. Curiously, the five-gallon kegs, with decidedly more delicious beer inside, started to disappear even more quickly than the bottles. While at this production cross-roads, the loss of one roommate dictated that some additional income was necessary to pay our bills. Is there a better way to make money than manufacturing a product you'd just as soon keep for yourself? This beer-evolution started us down the road to a small brewery and taproom in Eagle, CO, where the focus would lie squarely on the concept of creating a space that individuals from across the community could feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated in. A place for people to gather 'round.

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