Beer News: Higher Heineken Prices = Less Demand / 10 Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

, Beer News: Higher Heineken Prices = Less Demand / 10 Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

Some beer slogans were troubling to begin with, but have aged for the worse. We’ve that, “Words to Drink By,” this time with Charles Darwin, and more…

Beer Shocker! Higher Heineken Prices = Lower Consumer Demand

Heineken’s decision to raise the price of it’s premiun beer has not fared well.

Heineken reported that beer volume in the last quarter of 2023 declined due to “challenging economic conditions” and lower consumer demand after the  Dutch multinational brewing company, introduced “inflation-led pricing” which simply translates into more expensive beer.

In his  4th Quarter assessment with analysts and shareholders,  Heineken’s chief executive Dolf van den Brink explained that the company’s overall volume had declined organically by 4.2%  with an overall year to-date decline of 5.1%, which isn’t great either.

When Heineken announced that it would raise prices due to soaring costs of energy and ingredients in Europe, it wasn’t alone. Other beer manufacturers, like Belgian brewer AB InBev, had already implemented price hikes earlier in 2022 to keep pace with inflation.

But none-the-less, consumers proved less willing to pay for a “more expensive” Heineken with overall beer sales declining in both the third and fourth quarter of 2023.


Words to Drink By

“‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin, English naturalist, geologist and biologist


10 Classic Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

Many of the traditional beer slogans that were widely celebrated back in the day, have not held up as well over the years…And here are some unfortunate examples.

Carlsberg Brewing (UK) – SloganCarlsberg…Probably the best beer in the world.”   Really? You’re not sure?

, Beer News: Higher Heineken Prices = Less Demand / 10 Beer Slogans That Haven’t Aged Well

(Miller would never okay this today)

Old Milwaukee Beer (US) – Slogan:  “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!”   And unfortunately, this sucks.

St. Pauli Girl (US)  – Slogan: “Put her on a pedestal, or a coaster.”   In today’s politically correct climate we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be going there.

Toohey’s Beer (UK) – Slogan: “How do you feel? I feel like a Toohey’s.”     Hey, we feel like shit…you got that?

Dos Equis (US) – Slogan:  “Sooner or later you’ll get it.”    So the message is to keep trying? How long?

Coors Light ( US) – Slogan: “This is our beer.”   Good to know.

Molson Canadian – Slogan: “I am Canadian.”    Also good to know.

Amstel (US) – Slogan: “Our beer.”   Expect a cease and desist from Coors Light.

Amstel Light (US) – Slogan: “Could be the world’s best tasting light beer.”  Guess they weren’t sure.

Stella Artois (US) – Slogan: “Looks ugly. Tastes great.”   We’re not kidding…that was part of their plastic beer bottle campaign. But there was also…”Stella Artois. Reassuringly expensive.


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