Beer Buzz – Untappd’s Most ‘Checked In’ Cities, Boston Beer Struggles And More!

Yikes, April’s escalating…and clearly the craft beer biz isn’t slowing down any time soon. But no worries, the Beer Buzz is always on the case, keeping you up on all the beer news and lifestyle that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you don’t want to miss that!

beer, Beer Buzz – Untappd’s Most ‘Checked In’ Cities, Boston Beer Struggles And More!Untappd Checks In On American Cities With The Most Check-Ins (USA) – Untappd’s Greg Avola, one of the founders of the popular mobile app that allows users to rate and review beer is currently touring the American cities with the most “check ins’ in March.

New York City came in at #1 (guess size does matter) followed by Chicago, Tampa, Anaheim, Charlotte, Cincinnati and Portland.

Since Untappd launched in 2010, it has grown to serve 5.5 million active beer raters who have made 550 million check-ins worldwide and definitely consumed many more beers than that.


Words To Drink By (Oxford, England) – “Radiohead is overrated…Thom Yorke’s solo output, however, is brilliant!”- Thom Yorke , singer/songwriter Radiohead


beer, Beer Buzz – Untappd’s Most ‘Checked In’ Cities, Boston Beer Struggles And More!Even more Bad News For Boston Beer (Boston, MA) – In spite of the craft beer volumes slowing to 5%  in 2017 the industry continues to grow. At the same time craft’s dollar value jumped 8% to $26 billion, accounting for 23.4% of all money spent on beer, according to The Motley Fool. All good news  especially in light of overall beer industry falling by 1% in the last year. But at a time when the craft beer biz remains on an upswing Boston Beer’s sales continue to fall.

In spite of Boston Beer seeing gains from its Twisted Tea brand and Truly sparkling seltzer brands the company’s overall depletions, (the benchmark for industry sell-through) dropped 5% in 2017. Even more concerning is that depletions or its flagship Samuel Adams brand are faring much worse, having declined for 12 consecutive quarters.

And it’s not like Boston Beer has stopped innovating…their Sam ’76 lager and ale hybrid has been generally well received. But not enough to put a stop to the heritage brewer’s continuing decline furthers analysts speculation that Boston Beer might be forced to sell themselves off if things don’t turn around,

beer, Beer Buzz – Untappd’s Most ‘Checked In’ Cities, Boston Beer Struggles And More!What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Atlanta, GA) – Last night we hit up a bomber that came our way from Lagunitas…something they first brewed in 2006 to celebrate the brewery’s 13th anniversary. Lagunitas Lucky 13 is an 8.8% ABV uber-hoppy Red Ale that we have to admit was too much fun.

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