Beer Alert – New Imperial IPA’s, Belgian Saisons And Hefeweizens

beer, Beer Alert – New Imperial IPA’s, Belgian Saisons And HefeweizensSummer is ON in our latest collection of new beers for 2018…And we’ve five exciting craft beer directions that you might want to chase down as we look to May.

Berry Wild (Denver, CO) – After much angst from its legions of fans, Crooked Stave has returned one of their hottest offerings so far this year. Primary fermented with Crooked Stave’s mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria that then undergoing a secondary fermentation in large oak foeders on raspberries and blueberries for upwards of 12 weeks, Sour Rosé is a 4.5% ABV Wild Ale with a  hazy, bright red color and an effervescent white, Beer Alert – New Imperial IPA’s, Belgian Saisons And Hefeweizens

Nature Calls (Hamilton, NY) – Good Nature Farm Brewery and Taproom is celebrating its anniversary with a one-time-only ‘makeover’ of their all natural, unfiltered Annie Imperial IPA. With an entirely new hop profile, along with some malted oats and white wheat added from their neighbors at New York Craft Malt, Good Nature Anniversary Annie Imperial IPA is an 8.5% ABV uber-limited release that takes ‘Annie’ different places.

Jazzy (Cape May, NJ) – Cape May Brewing, the exclusive beer sponsor of the legendary Exit Zero Jazz Festival has brewed up this year’s commemorative beer. Inspired by the popular cocktail known as a Moscow Mule, Cape May Harmonic Rhythm is a 5% ABV celebration of cocktail flavors: minced ginger, fresh mint and lemon and lime juices.

Se7en Up (Cincinnati, OH) – Christian Moerlein Brewing has released something special that was inspired by the hills, recipes, vices, and virtues of Cincinnati, (which according to the brewery rounds out to seven). A perennial favorite at the Moerlein Lager House and now finally seeing wider distribution, Se7en Hefeweizen is a 4.9% ABV Wit Bier with Bavarian instinct and Cincinnati, Beer Alert – New Imperial IPA’s, Belgian Saisons And Hefeweizens

Hail Hoplandia (Atlanta, GA) –  Ex-Stone Head Brewer Mitch Steele who has  built his considerable reputation for brewing uber-hoppy West Coast-style IPA’s recently released is first India Pale Ale as part of Atlanta’s New Realm Brewing. Not East Coast or West Coast, Hoplandia IPA is described by Steele as a “New Realm-style India Pale Ale” that’s a Simcoe and Centennial celebration that finishes with a heavenly hit of citrus.

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