Tony’s Darts Away

Burbank, CA


1710 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506


We're doing our best.... Tony's Darts Away is a bottle free, low waste bar/restaurant. All of our beer, wine and sodas are served on a draught system, minimizing our environmental impact. When available, all of paper and supplies are made out of sustainably produced biodegradable materials. Our goal is to have a zero waste bar and an almost zero waste kitchen. All of our beer, wine, soda, meats, and breads come from California. When available, all produce is sourced within California. Our vegan sausages are imported from Oregon and Washington. Organics are used when available locally. We're all about... All Craft. All Draught. All California. It's not a saying, it's a statement! Why only California beer? Better beer: Beer served the way the brewer intended it to be. No travel or storage pitfalls just fresh delicious goodness. Better ecology: Less travel, less packaging, less waste. It only makes sense. Better economy: Support local businesses and local businesses will support you. California can use the help - this economy sucks!

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