Atlanta gets a scare out of Boos and Brews!

When it comes to craft beer and Halloween, Atlanta Beer Festivals knows how to throw one heckuva party in the form of their Boos and Brews. Sweetwater Brewery, already a no-brainer destination for serious beer, was decked out for Halloween to greet many of Atlanta’s finest revelers. Nary was the sight of someone not dressed in costume and the weather could not have been more perfect. Some “celebrities” on premise included the 4-person Jamaican bobsled team, Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia, the Rockford Peaches and Jimmy Dugan (from A League of Their Own), and a posse of Burlesque Vampires, to name just a few.

, Atlanta gets a scare out of Boos and Brews!

Ocean Street provided the perfect backdrop of 70s and 80s covers on the patio while the Kevin Lewis Duo performed modern hits upstairs. And not to take second stage to Atlanta’s finest, everyone’s favorite Sweetwater brews were offered including their Blue, IPA, 420, Exodus Porter, GA Brown, and LowRyeder IPA. Atlanta Beer Festivals, without question, “brings it” with their festive gatherings and did the same this past Saturday evening at NovemBEERFest at the Buckhead Theater.

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