5 Essential Lawnmower Beers

, 5 Essential Lawnmower Beers

The Brewer Association recently released their 2017 beer style guidelines. And although we weren’t surprised to find that they hadn’t included the “lawnmower beer” category in their updated list, we think they could have. So we’ve collected 5 essential “lawnmower beers” that are guaranteed to make your summer mowing, a total blast!

First, the lawnmower beer basics…

Although lawnmower beer sub-styles vary, they’re basically lighter, bright, low-alcohol affairs – only the troubled are drinking imperial Stouts with their yard work.

Lagers and session IPA clearly qualify, and styles like the Kölsch and of course Pilsners are “go-to” lawnmower beers. The point is you’re looking for a beer that punctuates work rather than puts an end to it.

Now the beers…

Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Ale

Any lawnmower beer list that doesn’t start with Houston-based Saint Arnold’s famous ale that immortalized the style by making it part of the beer’s name, is just wrong.

Saint Arnold Fancy lawnmower Ale is a 4.9% ABV Kölsch with a rich malty body that plays off a complex, citrus hop character. Recommended for all kinds of summer yardwork, this true German-style ale also pairs well with trips to the deli and walking the dog.

New Glarus Spotted Cow

Cream Ales don’t get much craft beer “cred” due to their somewhat unassuming “corn-based” flavor profile and their generic beer background. But it’s their inherent lightness and effervescence that makes them so perfect for yardwork.

And a brilliant example of the style done right is New Glarus Spotted Cow an unfiltered and crushable 4.8 ABV Cream Ale that deserves to work in any yard.

, 5 Essential Lawnmower Beers21st Amendment El Sully

Central American lagers were borne of hard work and hot weather, and 21st Amendment brews a brilliant one that’s also a definitive lawnmower beer.

Both a nod to the endless summers spent on southern California beaches, and a homage to “south of the border” beers like Dos Equis, EL Sully is a 4.8% lager that’s perfect for that hot weather clipping.

Sam Adams Boston Lager

There was a time when this Sam Adam’s classic was the only craft beer lawnmower beer that was wildly distributed and available. And in today’s craft beer world this heritage brand is sometimes unfairly overlooked.

Maybe a bit more full-bodied that most lawnmower beers, this 4.5% ABV Vienna Lager deserves its place in the yard, if only as a “day is done” late afternoon parting shot before showering.

Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils

We can’t leave this discussion of great lawnmower beers without including a pilsner, which some credit as being the genre’s purest sub-style.

 And it’s not wasted on us, that pilsner we chose comes from Firestone Walker, who ironically have built their considerable reputation, on HUGE barrel-aged creations, the exact opposite of lawnmower beers.

Firestone Pivo Hoppy Pils is our “go-to” pilsner lawnmower beer. We understand that we hype it a lot and we promise we’ll stop, when someone brews something better.


, 5 Essential Lawnmower Beers

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