1 in 4 Already Done With Dry January

, 1 in 4 Already Done With Dry January

KAM Media managing director, Katy Moses

And that was from a UK snap poll that took place just five days into 2021. We’ve got to think that the number is much higher now.

Here’s the deal….

On January 5, KAM Media, a UK-based food and beverage research firm, released the results of a snap poll that, only five days into the new year, found that around 2.7 million people had already given into temptation and were drinking alcohol again.

Dry January 2021 was expected to gain significant traction in the United Kingdom, where low and no alcohol beer sales soared an astounding 37% in the previous year and many craft breweries are now offering their own alcohol-free variations.

As KAM Media managing director, Katy Moses explained to Beer Today that kind of drop in participation runs counter to the boom that United Kingdom is experiencing in the low and no beer category, but that the stress of heightened COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, clearly didn’t help…

, 1 in 4 Already Done With Dry January

“Thirty percent of UK adults intended to take part in Dry January, according to research we did in December. By 1st January that figure had dropped by 17%.”

“Our most recent poll, conducted on 5th January shows that only 25% of those who actually attempted Dry January are still going strong. Given the new lockdown restrictions, it probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to most!”

“2020 was such a tough year for many people that you may think people would be less likely to give up alcohol, but the number of UK adults attempting Dry January this year remained on a par with last year, but people are giving up much sooner.”

According to KAM Media, seventy-five percent of those taking part in Dry January 2021 expected non-alcoholic versions of beer and wine to help them get through the month. Consumer awareness of the availability of low and no alcohol beer, wine and spirits has recently sky-rocketed in the UK…

“Last year, only two-thirds of consumers had even heard of non-alcoholic beer,” Moses added. “Now that figure is three in four.”


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