QUICK HITS – 27% Of Beer Drinkers Migrating To Pot, Brewery Ommegang And More!

pot-beerJust like the weather things are heating up in the world of craft beer. And here’s some of what’s been happening while you were drinking your way through the weekend.

Pot Impacts Beer (USA) – Whether it’s wishful thinking on their part, or a more meaningful trend, he Cannabiz Consumer Group (you gotta love their name) is trumpeting their findings that ‘twenty-seven percent of beer consumers are legally purchasing cannabis instead of beer, or suggested they would purchase it instead if it were legalized in their state.”

40,000 Americans were surveyed for the 2016 study by the pro-pot consumer group that expects that cannabis industry will grow to $50 billion industry as its legalization spreads and that the beer biz could potentially lose more than $2 billion in retail sales going forward.

American Craft Beer views this study with skepticism and wonders if the pot vs beer economic debate can be fairly evaluated in “either/or” terms. Will pot enthusiasts, who also enjoy craft beer, choose one buzz or the other…or will they, more realistically, cross-pollinate highs? Our experience suggests the latter.

Words To Drink By (New York) – “Of course I know how to roll a joint.”  – Martha Stewart, American Businesswoman and Lifestyle Icon

belgium-cooperstownBrewery Ommegang To Present “The Greatest Show On Earth” (Cooperstown, NY) – The Brewery Ommegang has announced the return of their terrific Belgium Comes to Cooperstown festival on August 4th and 5th and this year it’s circus themed.


Tickets for this year’s “beerganza” which draws 3,000 Belgian beer pilgrims from all across the country annually, will go on sale via Ommegang’s website, on April 1st at “high noon” and they tend to sell out almost immediately, so don’t become an April fool – be ready!


(Pot Beer Image Credit: Mitchell Maglio)

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