Chuck Berry (1926-2017)


Truthfully, we didn’t think he was still around, so when word spread that he had passed away (amazingly he’d lived to be 90), we were floored.

Chuck was one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s founders, a pioneer who like Elvis straddled the pre-rock era. Renowned by generations of rockers as both a defining guitarist and brilliant songwriter his influence on the world of music remains profound.

Most of us know Chuck Berry through the many musicians who covered his songs and ripped off his chunky rhythm and blues soaked riffs.

The Stones would not be The Stones without Berry leading the way…Bruce Springsteen would have sounded different, that’s for sure.

And if you don’t think his music played a part in your life you’ve never closed down a bar.

Chuck Berry wrote music that has been covered by bands all over the world for decades – songs like Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven and Johnny B Goode inspired bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin as much as they did the Sex Pistols and much of the punk movement.

Few artists can claim that kind of legacy and we may never see someone like him again.

Chuck Berry mattered, as both an artist and a man, and sadly his remarkable run has come to an end.

But his music is now part of all of our lives…his music will outlast us all.


Chuck Berry Banner: Copyright Chuck Berry’s Management

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