Are You 2017’s Beer Drinker Of The Year?

It takes serious chops to be crowned ‘Beer Drinker of the Year,’ especially in a beer town like Denver. It takes way more than just loving beer, and having a workman-like understanding of beer styles. Being named Wynkoop’s ‘Beer Drinker is stepping into the arena with serious beer athletes and if you don’t have what it takes you’re going down!

Ask Shawna Cormier who won Wynkoop Brewing’s 2016 Beer Drinker of the Year, and she’ll probably tell you it was a sobering journey (but not).

You see winning Wynkoop’s annual event (and the free beer for life that goes with it) takes more than grit and steel-eyed determination. It take’s someone who not LOVE’S BEER and knows more than you can ever imagine. It takes someone like Shawna who, it’s been reported, has a HUGE PERSONALITY, and who wasn’t afraid unleash arena rock level theatrics at the brewery’s final competition last year.

On her journey to last year’s hop crown, Cormier had to ace a serious written test with questions on beer history, fermentation issues and even if the craft biz is heading for beer bubble (it is by the way but that’s another subject).

Shawna Cormier

Then she had to face off against two other finalists (both as cutthroat and driven as her), survive a blind beer test, and talk beer like Yoda.

She also played air timpani to Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 (Space Odyssey) but that too is another subject.

Unfortunately, this year’s initial test period ended on Sunday…But the good news is you’ve a year to get in training for the Wynkoop’s 2018 competition.

And the other good news is that our readers out Denver-way can REGISTER to attend this year’s October 3rd finals…it’s being held Wynkoop Brewing and it’s free…but we suggest that you act now.


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