5 Stupid Questions with Joshua M. Bernstein–Author of The Complete Beer Course

The last time that we spoke with Josh, he was just releasing his first book, Brewed Awakening. It was a beautifully designed, witty, and wonderfully written book. We were all about it. But for some reason (read: drunkenness), our 5 Stupid Questions with him ended badly, and he left our offices promising that he was done "dealing with idiots" and threatening to fire his publicist. Who knew writers even had publicists?


MAY 7, 2014
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5 Stupid Questions with Washington, DC Beer Maestro Greg Engert

If you live anywhere around the Mid-Atlantic and you care about beer - you already know who Greg Engert is. He's the face and the voice of craft beer in the nation's capital and a rising star nationally.  Greg recently agreed to let us interview him and we repaid his graciousness by asking him 5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

MARCH 18, 2014
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5 Stupid Questions with BrewDog’s James Watt and Martin Dickie

BrewDog is said to be Scotland's largest independent brewery, producing more than 120,000 bottles per month for export all over the world. It was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, a duo known not only for their entrepreneurial instincts but also for their independent and audacious spirits. These guys are natural born post-punk showmen and we think it's fair to say that with BrewDog, they have single-handedly revitalized the UK's moribund beer scene. James Watt and Martin Dickie exemplify everything that makes the craft beer movement so cutting-edge and exciting - not bad for a couple of Scotsmen who may soon become America's newest TV stars.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
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5 Stupid Questions With Half Acre’s Gabriel Magliaro

Gabriel Magliaro brought Half Acre Beer Company to life in a spare Chicago bedroom in 2006. After originally utilizing a contract brewer in Wisconsin, he worked his way up to his own building, which houses their brewery in addition to a taproom where they "can host the people who want to hoist our beers." Located in Chicago's North Center neighborhood, they now count themselves as one of Chicago's most popular breweries

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