Steelhead Brewing Company

Eugene, OR


199 East 5th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401




Five local far-sighted businessmen had the idea to open a brewpub in Eugene, Oregon. They came from diverse backgrounds: Two were commercial real estate developers, one was a shoe importer, one was in the hotel business, one had a lumber background, one was a banker, one was an accountant, and two were restauranteurs. I know that adds up to more than five, but their backgrounds were so diverse that several had experience in more than one kind of business. Having a broad variety of business experience in the ownership ranks can only help a fledgling business of any kind to survive and prosper. And indeed, Steelhead Brewing Company has done so. These businessmen began working on their business plan in 1988. Their plan was to open in October of 1990, but as they say, "The best laid plans... " While the rest of the restaurant was still under construction, the brewers began brewing in December 1990. Their goal was to fill all the fermenters, plus all the serving tanks, with fresh cold ales before opening day. Finally the bar was polished, the wingback chairs delivered, the antiques were hung on the walls, and the serving and kitchen staffs were fully trained. After a few "soft opening" nights with the staff waiting on local dignitaries including the mayor, other local brewers, and the construction crew, Steelhead Brewing Company offically opened it's doors to the public at 11:00 am on January 22, 1991. The brewers had achieved their goal of having every single tank full of beer by opening day, so the first few days they spent all of their time giving tours and educating the first-time brewpub customers about microbrewed beer and brewpubs. It was lucky that they'd had enough time to age the beer in the fermenters prior to opening, because the lines outside the doors ensured that the beer was consumed in record time. Soon the brewers were busily and happily filtering and transferring more beer into the serving tanks, and from then on it's been go-go-go!

Family of Beers:

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