Beachwood BBQ Brewing

Lon, CA


210 E 3rd St
Lon, CA


Tuesday – Sunday Kitchen open 11:30 to 9:30 Bar open 11:30 to Midnightish


Microbrews... 22 rotating taps, plus one cask conditioned beer, have been hand selected for your pairing (and drinking) pleasure. We go to great lengths to find the most rare, most unique, and most first-rate beers. Here you won't find Coors, Heineken, or Bud. What? Well, we've devoted our beer line up to those special brews that not only enhance the food we serve, but also represent some of the finest beers you'll find around. We like to think we can convert anyone. On any given week, we'll go through 10 kegs, so don't be surprised when you come in and don't see the beer you drank yesterday. We've replaced it; it's gone, dunzo,'ll be lucky to ever have the same beer twice. Grab a pint that pairs well with the 'que or just come in for a drink on its own...we don't care, but please try one of these beers, you won't be sorry.

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