Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Houston,, TX


5301 Nolda St
Houston,, TX 77007


Please check back for brewery tour updates.


Buffalo Bayou Brewing was founded in 2011 by Rice and Harvard alumni Rassul Zarinfar and is backed by a team of 50 professionals ranging from corporate lawyers and accountants to microbiologists, Nasa scientists, and even a couple of homebrewers. With that kind of educated backing and management, it's no surprise that they have grown so fast and kept consistent high quality. Under the company mission "to create great craft beer that is unapologetically Houston", they have put a new twist on an old craft. By combining cutting-edge technology and technique with wildly sourced flavors, their innovative beers break all the rules and radically alter the beer landscape, while paying tribute to their deeply traditional roots. Each brew has been well planned and prepared with a unique story behind it.

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