Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Winthrop, WA


155 Riverside Avenue
Winthrop, WA 98862


At our small brewery, we strive to create microbrews that satisfy both the discerning hop heads and those who prefer a lighter taste. Unique to Winthrop, we are fortunate to be provided with chlorine-free water flowing from the pristine North Cascade mountains. This clean, uncontaminated water helps enhance the natural flavors of the malts and hops bringing you a superior beer drinking experience. Our beers have received awards on the regional, national, and international level. The demand has exceeded our supply! We are in the process of expanding our small brewery to include three new 15 BBL fermenters. We hope to have these up and running by year's end. These new fermenters will increase our production so that we can not only keep our beers flowing on tap year round, we'll be able to bottle and distribute more as well.

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