Thirsty Planet Brewing

Austin, TX


11160 Circle Drive
Austin, TX 78736



I fell in love with beer while studying British politics in England. The beer there was unlike anything I had ever had. It came from a beer engine, it was full bodied, flavorful, and it even came in a cooler glass! It was then that I decided to start home brewing when I came back to the states. After graduating college with a Business Administration degree, I did what most college grads would like to do, move to Vail Colorado to ski. While fulfilling that passion I met a fellow at a beer festival that skied all morning and made money by brewing beer at a local brewery called The Hubcap. I knew right then that he was in the middle of a scam, and I wanted in on it. To get my foot in the door I started volunteering at the Hubcap, until they decided I wasn't going to leave so they actually began paying me! By the end of that ski season I was working full time as a lift operator AND full time brewing beer. While in Vail, I gave a tour to some college students from Oklahoma that offered me an ownership piece of a brew pub. I took them up on it and we opened our Brewery in 1993. As time went on, our concept grew, and grew. Before I knew it we had one brewery location and four satellite stores. The business was a success, but I really tired of the khaki pants and longed for the days spent in rubber brewing boots. Together with my wife, we traveled looking for a place that was community oriented and a great place to raise a family. We kept coming back to Austin, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that this place was for us. So, we sold our part of the businesses, packed up all of our belongings plus our trusty brew dog Maggie, and moved south. We have gathered a tremendous group of friends and family to invest in our dream and passion of Thirsty Planet Brewing Company. We all have big goals for this brewery, and together with the amazing Austin community, we will see those goals into fruition. Don't take it from me though, come by the brewery to see for yourself!

Family of Beers:

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