UK Supermarket Turns Bread Into Beer

, UK Supermarket Turns Bread Into Beer

Sustainability is increasingly part of the craft beer ethos and now a UK supermarket chain has partnered with a craft brewery to brew beer using unsold bread.

Here’s the deal…

We’ve reported about TOAST, the small London brewery, so committed to recycling foods that in most cases would be wasted, that they offer nothing but ales brewed using old bread.

, UK Supermarket Turns Bread Into Beer

Brew This!

And now a UK supermarket Morrisons has teamed up with Saltaire Brewery to brew a beer made using surplus bread from its bakery.

Saltaire Breadwinner is the end product, a 4.4% ABV Golden Ale that uses surplus bread to replace a portion of the beer’ malt bill…

And Morrisons Beer Buying Manager, Jack ColeClough, was all about it.

 “After launching Saltaire Brewery in a few local Yorkshire stores it was so popular that we now offer bottles across the country for customers to enjoy. We hope customers enjoy this beer because it tastes great and cuts down on food waste.”

Morrisons’ initiative is but the latest UK effort to turn unused bread into beer.

, UK Supermarket Turns Bread Into BeerIn 2018 UK brewer Adnams partnered with Marks & Spencer to brew beer using surplus bread leftover from the retail chain’s sandwich production.

Using around 700 kilograms of leftover bread per batch, Adnams Brewery crafted three beers for Marks & Spencer, Triple English Hop Southwold, a 3% ABV Pale Ale, Early Grey Pale Ale, a 5% ABV tea-infused beer and a 5% ABV fruit beer.

And according to the Drinks Business “Welsh brewer Tiny Rebel teamed up with UK frozen food specialist Iceland to produce Bread Board, a beer made using leftover bread from Iceland stores and bakeries.”

In 2015, the Beer Project in Brussels took a similar brewing tact as a way to reduce food waste.

A report by the BBC found that an estimated 24 million slices of bread are thrown away every day in Britain.

But while the connection between bread making and brewing dates back some 4,000 years, the trend has gained international prominence through the work of UK brewers such as Toast Ale Northern Monk.

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