UK Pubs Spend Thousands On Flowers To Boost Biz And Attract Instagram Crowds

The Churchill Arms in Kensington

In an effort to bolster their businesses and to cash in on Instagram’s growing power as a marketing platform some pubs in the United Kingdom are spending big on flowers and decorating their exteriors facades in spectacular ways and drawing huge crowds.

Here’s the deal…

According to The Telegraph, “the popularity of the social media app has spurred landlords into spending lavish amounts on prettifying their façade’s with colorful displays that lend themselves to selfies.”

Yep it starts with selfies but its generating urban attention and attracting visitors in an increasingly competitive on premise environment.

Heading the list of the big spending pubs is The Churchill Arms in Kensington, which has long been popular for, as the Drinks Business puts it, “its marvelous flower festooned frontage.”

The Mason Arms – London

According to the paper that the west London pub spends a staggering £30,000 a year on its floral facades, something they’ve been doing since 1986.

And The Churchill Arms General manager, James Keogh, got flowery in describing the pub’s strategy…

“People see how beautiful the pub flowers are on Facebook and Instagram and make it a priority to come and see us.”

”There is no doubt that the flowers are good for business. They bring customers into the pub and the photos of them on Instagram highlight our business. It’s a great way of advertising and a positive way of driving sales.”

And many of these flowery pub facades are staying up all year long and like menus some pub owners are changing their flowered exteriors seasonally.

The Masons Arms in Marylebone, an affluent Central London neighborhood, spends more than £24,000 a year on flowers and even alters its displays to reflect to the latest trends on social media.

“This year with the World Cup our theme was the St George Flag. We spend about £24k a year on flowers, but we definitely make our money back on custom and the pub is becoming a landmark,” manager Alistair Gentleman told The Telegraph.

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