The True Cost Of Beer In New York

, The True Cost Of Beer In New York

(New York City is home to the priciest beer in the state)

A New York betting site, recently stepped away from its regular gaming concerns to take a look at beer prices across the state.

And we’d wager you might be interested.

Empire Stakes looked at how expensive beers are in different places across New York, using Numbeo data, to determine the true cost of beer in the Empire State. They of course looked at the price of mass-produced beers like Budweiser or Coors Light, avoiding serious craft beers like the plague.

Obviously New York City was home to the priciest beer, but at the same time close to Manhattan suburbs like New Rochelle sold some of the cheapest.

The True Cost of Beer in New York

Empire Stakes found that the average price of a domestic beer at a restaurant or a bar in New York is $5.53, and an imported beer cost $6.88 on average.

As for supermarket prices in New York, the average cost of domestic beer is $2.11, and imported beer is $3.16, compared to the national average of $2.66 and $3.33, respectively.

, The True Cost Of Beer In New York

(Courtesy Empire Stakes)

Cheapest Restaurant Beers in New York State

Empire Stakes also found that Schenectady is your best bet for more affordable beer at a restaurant, with imported beers costing roughly $3.50 and domestic beers costing around $3.67.

And if you’re drinking in Utica, New Rochelle, Syracuse, and Rochester restaurants, a domestic beer is going to cost you roughly $4.

Cheapest Supermarket Beers in New York State

New York’s’ 10th biggest city, Utica, offers the cheapest beers you can purchase at a supermarket across the state. At a Utica supermarket you’ll be paying on average $1.21 for a mass-produced domestic beer.

But with imports in Utica costing more than double that ($3.33) you’ll need to head over to a Schenectady supermarket for the cheapest imported beer ($1.85).


So enough about mass-market beers in New York. If you want the best craft beers in the state you need to go here…


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