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The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks – February 1, 2013

Hey it's Friday and yes, we understand that it's Super Bowl Weekend and we'll get to that. But what about the rest of this weekend...You want to have some fun, right? That's where we come in! We're all about the fun (football and non-football) and we've got you covered. Plus we've got a special Super Bowl beer pick for you too.....So welcome to this week's Super Bowl XLVII edition of our Weekend Picks!

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Girl Meets Beer

It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly when I became a serious beer fan. I think it had a lot to do with my post-graduation move to DC, where Brickskeller's massive draft list led to many evenings of picking first choices, second choices and backups just in case they were out of that, too. Later on, ChurckKey stole my heart with its indecision-friendly sampling sizes and strict adherence to appropriate glassware. 

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Dogfish Head’s new beer: Barley, hops, grapes…wait, wha?!

Here at ACB, we're dyed-in-the-wool beer geeks, but we won't turn our nose up to a decent wine in the case of an emergency, say, for example, the apocalypse has struck and there isn't a craft beer to be found within a 100 mile radius. But as Dogfish Head has proven before, it doesn't have to be an either or situation. You can have both. In the same glass. And now they've done it again, combining their 60 minute IPA with syrah grape must to make a new concoction called Sixty-One.

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Cask Ale in the Nation’s Capital

Washington, DC boasts many things - a diverse population, museums for just about everything, a lack of statehood, and it's the capital of a little country you may have heard of: the U.S.A. But DC isn't just the museum toting un-cola of states; it's also a great place to find a pint of cask conditioned ale. So, let's start off with the basics - what is cask ale? Then, we'll get into a few places in DC that serve them and why you should care.

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Cooking With Beer: Episode 3: Bangin’ Belgian Ale Pork Ribs

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Bailey is cooking up some awesome Belgian Beer Ribs. Despite the fact that she is struggling to figure out what team and/or sport she should be cheering for, we think her ribs deserve some serious MVP points. So, grab your favorite Belgian, a rack of ribs, and go for it!

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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – January 30, 2013

Hey it's Wednesday and it's Rumor Mill Time.....Craft Beer will be heading south for this weekend's Super Bowl XLVII and will be throwing its own "coming out" party in New Orleans. And Rumor Mill hears that broadcasting legend Dan Patrick's going to be there too! We'll be giving you everything that we know so far, plus we've got some fast-breaking craft beer news from La-La Land as well as from our friends at Green Flash. We also have a hot new craft beer release that you've got to get your hands on! So fasten your seatbelts everybody, because ....THIS WEEK'S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

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If there's one thing we Floridians are known for, it's doing things right. From well-managed elections to the careful and competent handling of high-profile criminal cases, we know what we're doing down here! OK, maybe not so much... but there's something Florida is doing right and that's making exceptional craft beer, and the craft beer community in Central Florida is all the better for it.

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The “Cask Beer Experience” at Machine House Brewery

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we spend a lot of time raving about unusually hoppy/boozy/heavy/rambunctious beers with funny names. Today, I'm here to laud the extreme beer's modest and easygoing cousin - the session ale - and the brewery that's bringing this beer to Seattle.

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