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Craft Beer Bookworm On Your Christmas List?

Hard to believe that the calendar has flipped to November. The leftover Halloween candy isn't looking too good at this point and the supermarkets are all getting their frozen turkeys delivered. Must mean it's time to start the task of writing out a gift list for all the family members, and that includes the craft beer lover in your life too!

NOVEMBER 6, 2012
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Dead Heads, Craft Beer, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

For many craft beer fanatics and Dead Heads alike, it may come as no surprise that the proudly off-kilter Dogfish Head Brewery and the equally eclectic Grateful Dead are teaming up to create an aptly named "American Beauty" of beers. After all, the brewery has ventured into the music world before.

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Craft Brewing Loses A Pioneer

Today is a sad day for craft beer but specifically Louisiana Craft Beer. On Thursday November 1st, Abita Brewing Founder Partner Jim Patton passed away due to unknown causes in Miami. He was 59 years young. While he was working on starting a new brewery in Miami, he will be remembered mainly for his pioneering spirit that launched the 13th craft brewery in the country and the first in the South. In 1986 Abita Brewing Company released its first beer at 2 locations in South Louisiana. In the first year Abita brewed more than 1500 barrels of beer. Now the company produces more than 125,000 barrels and is available across most of the United States.

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The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks – November 2, 2012

Hey it's Friday and we're heading into the weekend. You've been killing it all week and you need to have some fun. That's where we come in. If you're up for some suggestions - we've got them. We're all about it and have got you covered. Plus we've got a two massive weekend beer picks for you! So, welcome to Weekend Picks!

NOVEMBER 2, 2012
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Crux Fermentation Project in Bend, OR

Larry Sidor is a big name in the Bend, Oregon brewing Community. He's been in the industry for years, done all kinds of things, and is a mentor to many of the region's finest brewers.....He recently left an 8 year stint as Brewmaster for the formidable Deschutes Brewery, to open his own operation. He's named the new brewery, the Crux Fermentation Project, and was kind enough to have us in for a personal tour.

NOVEMBER 2, 2012
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Catching Up With The Can Van

Beer cans are in style these days. Not the kind holding the common bland, industrial lager, but the kind holding your favorite local craft brew. Canning beer has multiple benefits. It can be cheaper, easier to transport, prevents skunking, and you can bring cans to many places that you can't bring bottles, such as beaches. If this is something that you're looking for, the people at The Can Van are the fashionistas of the industry.

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The 2012 Decatur Craft Beer Festival

2012 Atlanta Beer Week kicked off with the Decatur Beer Festival and this year was a festival to beat all. Not only did ACB get to attend some pre-beer week events, such as the Brewers' Ball at Sweetwater Brewing and the Brewers' Brunch at The Square Pub, but we got our fill of great beer and some newcomers to the Atlanta Market and Decatur Festival that we really enjoyed.

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The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – October 31, 2012

It's Wednesday and its Rumor Mill Time! Hurricane Sandy has been wreaking havoc out East and there are massive outages everywhere. Its economic toll has yet to be quantified, but is expected to be enormous and the craft brewing community is not expected to escape it. We'll be giving you everything that we know so far, plus on a lighter note, we've some "arty" craft beer news from our friends at Harmon Brewery and DC Brau......We also have some hot new releases that you'll want to look out for, so fasten your seatbelt because ....IT IS ON!

OCTOBER 31, 2012
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