The Joke’s On BrewDog In Their Latest Video

We get a lot of complaints the we hype the BrewDog too much…and we promise to stop when they stop being interesting and making us laugh.

BrewDog’s new video not only unafraid to poke fun at itself…its reckless enough to air feedback from fans (and not) that’s both devastatingly honest and funny at the same time.


And maybe we do flack too much for these Scottish pink brewers

Maybe we shouldn’t have bothered to write about what BrewDog did on the 4th of July or when they gave their beer recipes to the world, where they parachuted stuffed ‘fat cats’ down on Wall Street. It’s not like they send us beer…

But when BrewDog stops being uber-creative and fun…we’ll stop, promise.


All Image/Video credits: BrewDog

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