The Cheapest And Most Expensive European Cities For Beer

With summer fast approaching, many of have begun planning vacations abroad… But with today’s soaring cost of living, taking a trip can be more expensive than ever. We can’t help you hotel costs and we wouldn’t presume to tell you how to get the best international airfare prices.

But the cost of that beer that you’re drinking – we can help you with that!

The online travel site Omio recently calculated the cost of buying a beer around the world and the results of its Beer Price Index is essential information for beer lovers planning a trip to Europe this summer.

Research for 2019’s index combines data from global centers around the world and compares the average price of local beers between bars and shops, as well as comparing yearly average purchasing and consumption.

Eastern Europe leads the list of cities again this year with Bratislava, Kiev and Krakow, commandeering three of the top five cities around the globe, offering the cheapest beer buzzes.

Europe’s Top 10 Cheapest Cities to have a Beer

1 Bratislava $1.65
2 Kiev $1.66
3 Krakow $1.87
4 Belgrade $2.19
5 Warsaw $2.45
6 Ljubljana $2.45
7 Budapest $2.47
8 Bucharest $2.55
9 Seville $2.59
10 Munich $2.61


On the other hand, if drinking beer is one of the primary things that you intend to do on your European jaunt, here’s the cities you need to avoid like the plague…

Europe’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to have a Beer

1 Lausanne $9.51
2 Zurich $5.69
3 Oslo $5.57
4 Paris $5.41
5 Geneva $5.21
6 Milan $5.12
7 Rome $5.01
8 Athens $4.97
9 Helsinki $4.85
10 Istanbul $4.71


Compared to last year’s review, the prices have changed for multiple reasons, including currency exchange rate fluctuations, domestic inflation and deflation, manufacturers and retailers changing their prices, and changes in domestic tax rates.

And while we’re at it….Here’s the European cities that spend the most on beer annually according to Omio’s 2016 data…

Europe’s Top 10 Cities that Spend the Most on Beer

1 Lausanne $1598.27
2 Helsinki $1524.07
3 Prague $1279.72
4 Moscow $1233.46
5 Frankfurt $1172.17
6 Barcelona $1148.77
7 Reykjavik $1101.66
8 Vienna $1075.60
9 Dublin $1027.26
10 Berlin $1002.50

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