The American Homebrewers Association Releases 51 Craft Beer Clone Recipes

We don’t homebrew, we homedrink here at American Craft Beer…But whether you do or don’t homebrew you gotta love what the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) just did!

We know that many of the nation’s most successful craft breweries we’re founded by people who started brewing at home and finally became professionals.

And according to the American Homebrewers Association there are more 1.1 million American homebrewers today…

So in an effort to champion both homebrewing and the nation’s great craft breweries, the AHA has gathered together 51 clone recipes from 50 states and 51 breweries (you’ve got to show DC some love). And it’s a great collection of breweries and beers!

And to make it even easier for you to brew some of craft beer’s most beloved beer right at home they’ve scaled all the recipes down to a 5-10 gallon batch size so you can brew classics like Jolly Pumpkin’s Sour Farmhouse Ale Bam Bière , or Ladyface Ale’s La Grisette right in your home….

But the AHA isn’t alone in sharing a bounty of commercial brewing recipes…

In 2016 BrewDog launched DIY Dog a downloadable book which is updated regularly and now contains 325 detailed homebrew-friendly recipes….and is also a huge ‘get’ for the world’s homebrewing community.

The AHA, BrewDog and all the breweries involved need to be applauded for their efforts…This is the kind of outreach that builds long and lasting bonds between craft breweries and fans.

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