Is Space Beer The New, Next Big Thing?

beer, Is Space Beer The New, Next Big Thing?

4 Pines Jaron Mitchell with his space beer bottle prototype

In addition to the ongoing hazy, New England IPA movement there’s another niche beer trend that’s gaining considerable traction…Space beer.

And we’re not sure if we should be thankful or concerned!

We believe Space Beer movement started back in 2014 when Eugene, Oregon-based Ninkasi Brewing the Ninkasi Space Program and successfully send brewer’s yeast to space (and back) and crafted a very decent Imperial stout with it.

In 2018 Bridgeport Brewing joined the space race sending one of their IPA’s into Earth’s outskirts using a specially-designed helium balloon.

In Australia, Vostok, a joint venture between 4 Pines Brewing and Saber Astronautics was incorporated with the sole purpose of creating the world’s first beer to be drunk in space.

And now the Drinks Business is reporting that Vostok is getting ready to ‘launch’ the world’s first beer bottle!

beer, Is Space Beer The New, Next Big Thing?

Drink up!

The brainchild of Four Pines brewer Jaron Mitchell the bottle  reportedly “uses modified technology from fuel tanks to defy the challenges of drinking beer in zero gravity,” adding a ‘wicking’ insert to the aluminum bottle that allows the beer to flow in zero gravity.

Mitchell partnered with Saber Astronautics on the design of the bottle, which CEO Jason Held describes as being similar to a small spacecraft fuel tank in many regards.

And with actual commercial space flight expected to launch as early as next year, Vostok is in the final stages of testing the prototype. They also recently launched a crowdfund campaign with the goal of raising US$1 million to help fund the manufacturing of the bottles.

And not surprisingly there’s also a “space beer’ tied into this effort…Mitchell’s Sydney-based 4 Pines has thoughtfully crafted a beer that he insists will be enjoyable in space as well as in Australia.

Brewed with an uber-intensity to combat the dulled senses that come with altitude shifts, the new space-ready 4 Pines creation is a Dry Irish Stout tethered to a gravity-defying seven malt backbone.

Along with the hazy, New England IPA, the Space Beer has truly arrived. So what’s the next, new big thing…maybe a hazy New England Space IPA?

Prepare for that style to blast off…

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