Quick Hits: Biden Plays Beer Fairy / Pandemic Impacts Two Different Beer Magazines

, Quick Hits: Biden Plays Beer Fairy / Pandemic Impacts Two Different Beer Magazines

(Just bring beer)

Better Late Than Never When It Comes To Beer

In 2012 then Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to Shankesville, Pennsylvania home to the 9/l1 plane crash. And during that visit he stopped by the volunteer fire department where he shook hands with local firefighters and promised them beer. (Biden is always working it.)

“This is no malarkey… If you come to the White House, I will buy you a beer,” Biden told members of the fire department back in 2012,” according to The Takeout who also suggested that the best way to decide who should be president is “by voting for whomever supplies you with the most beer.”

And last week, Biden returned to the firehouse (another 9/11 commemoration) and no doubt thanks to his advance team, came with the beer he promised almost eight years ago.


Words To Drink By

“On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” George Orwell, Author and Essayist


, Quick Hits: Biden Plays Beer Fairy / Pandemic Impacts Two Different Beer Magazines

(Courtesy The Growler BC)

The Rise And Fall of Two Different Growler Magazines

The pandemic has not only put an end to many craft breweries, it has also led to the demise of significant regional beer publications that covered the beer biz. Which brings us to the fortunes two different beer magazines, both ironically named The Growler, one in Minnesota and the other in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In July we reported that a popular Minnesota craft beer publication has ended its run…the latest beer magazine to call it quits, but the first to directly credit the coronavirus for its demise. On July 23, The Growler’s founder/owner/publisher Matt Kenevan announced that the August 2020 issue would be its last, ending 12 years of covering Minnesota’s craft beer scene.

But there’s another The Growler magazine, this one up in Western Canada. And feeling the impact of COVID-19 The Growler BC, which usually publishes quarterly, had been on hold and many worried that it too had ended its run.

But on September 9, Rob Mangelsdorf, the magazine’s editor, announced that it was back from the brink and would be publishing its next issue on November 1…

“Like many small businesses, we’ve had to become flexible in dealing with the realities of these very weird times. Unfortunately, we’ve had cancel an issue or two, but we promise it will be back next year, barring another near-cataclysmic event (touch wood!).

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