Quick Hits – American Craft Beer In “Brew Zealand,” Hemp Week At Maui Brewing And More!

The Black Dog Brew Co.

At American Craft Beer the beer biz never sleeps. And here’s just some of what’s been happening in the world of craft beer, while you were mindlessly drinking your way through the weekend.

American Craft Beer In New Zealand This Week (Wellington, NZ) – American Craft Beer’s Editor will be drinking his way across New Zealand this week (and next). He’ll be visiting cutting-edge breweries like Wellington’s awesome Garage Project, The Black Dog Brewery and ParrotDog – and getting to as many of the country’s craft beers as his liver will allow!

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Garage Project Beer Now On Singapore Air (Wellington, NZ) – And speaking of NZ, we’ve just learned that Singapore Airlines has begun serving the Garage Project’s Hapi Daze Pale Ale  on all flights to and from New Zealand!


Words To Drink By (Los Angeles, CA) – “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.”  Frank Zappa, American musician


Maui Brewing Taps Into “Hemp Week” (Kihei, Hawaii) – Hemp is such a big deal in Hawaii, that the island’ “hemp-heads” celebrate its history annually (and no doubt light up a spliff in the back room to keep things festive).

Maui’s 4th Annual Hemp History Week celebrations will begin with a proclamation by Mayor Arakawa (assuming he doesn’t “space out” and forget to attend) at Maui Brewing’s Kihei Tasting Room today at 3pm.

Maui Brewing Company will be pouring a special celebratory Hemp ESB that was brewed 75 pounds of hemp, with special pricing all week during “Hempy Hour”.


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