Promising New Hangover Pill Could Also Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

hangover, Promising New Hangover Pill Could Also Prevent Alcohol PoisoningA noted chemical and biomolecular professor of at the University of California is developing a hangover pill that might also help treat alcohol poisoning. And who doesn’t need and effective hangover cure?

Here’s the deal…

Writing in The Conversation, chemical engineering professor and wine enthusiast Yunfeng Lu reported that he has developed a pill that contains enzymes found in the liver that allow the body to process alcohol at a faster rate than usual.

Professor Lu detailed that “between 8 and ten percent of emergency room visits in America are due to acute alcohol poisoning” and that the desire to reduce alcohol poisoning-induced hospital visits was one of the driving factors behind the project.

“Current treatments for alcohol overdose largely rely on the body’s own enzymes to break down this drug” Lu explained.

And joined by Cheng Ji, an expert in liver diseases from Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, and a graduate assistant, the trio developed an antidote using those same liver enzymes that showed positive results in tests with mice.

Faster please…

hangover, Promising New Hangover Pill Could Also Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

ACB’s Tom Bobak at the 2016 Ctaft Brewers Conference

The pill contains three enzymes, oxidase (AOx), catalase (CAT), and aldehyde dehydrogenase that occur naturally in the liver and help the body to break down alcohol.

The trial nanocapsules were then injected into inebriated mice (!) which Lu had discovered ‘fall asleep faster than drunk humans” (!).

The study’s results found that mice injected with the drug woke up faster than those that were untreated.

The pill is currently undergoing further tests to ensure it’s safe for use, and if approved, Professor Lu expects that “human clinical trials could begin as early as one year from now.”

Lu went on to suggest that the pill is “something all college students would appreciate.” (Yah think?)

But more importantly Lu stressed that the new pill, with its ability to break down alcohol faster could help “prevent alcohol poisoning” and “protect the liver from alcohol-associated stress and damage.’

And again, faster please…

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