Not Normal Beers For The New Normal

, Not Normal Beers For The New Normal

These are no longer normal times…So why drink something normal?

Go Figure (Portland, OR) – 0n June 26, Von Ebert Brewing, an award-winning and locally owned brewery released its first new draft-only beer since reopening for dine-in service. Von Ebert Opulent Figurine is a foeder-fermented mixed culture beer with marionberries, a type of blackberry that was bred at Oregon State University. The base beer is a mix of Bohemian pilsner malt, malted spelt, and Mecca Grade Estate Malt’s raw white wheat. It was fermented and aged in a foeder before the marionberries were added. Once mature, the beer was keg conditioned and is available as a draft-only offering now.

“We really wanted the base beer to shine without being dominated by the fruit, so we used a slightly lower fruiting rate than we typically would,” explained Sean Burke, Von Ebert Glendoveer Head Brewer. “We used a wine-making technique called ‘punch down’ that allowed us to push the fruit down into the liquid to get more out of it. The final beer still shows the advantages of using the fresh, local fruit that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by in the Pacific Northwest.”

, Not Normal Beers For The New Normal

A Smooth Operator (LaGrange, GA) – Wild Leap Brewing has a new limited release that the brewery’s first taproom-only offering. Crafted with enormous amounts of raspberry and lemon purée to create rich, smoothie-like texture and mouthfeel, Wild Leap Smoothie Supernova Raspberry Lemonade Ale is a 5.5% ABV small-batch release that’s refreshingly ‘not normal.’

“Brewing a beer with huge fruit additions is something we’ve always wanted to do,” says Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. “Because of the large additions of fruit added after fermentation, we’re strongly recommending that the beers are kept at refrigeration temperatures at all times and consumed within 14 days of the packaging date on the bottom of the can.”

, Not Normal Beers For The New NormalVacation In A Can For Those Who Can’t (Durango, TX) – These are tumultuous times and with COVID-19 sticking around not a lot of people are taking tropical vacations. Well Ska Brewing has something for your taste buds for those of you who put off that trip with your buds.

Brewed with papaya and pineapple, Ska Tropical Hazy IPA is a 6% ABV India Pale Ale that’s a bright, juicy vacation in a can for those who can’t.

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