Nashville Brewery Offers Employees 100% Healthcare Coverage

, Nashville Brewery Offers Employees 100% Healthcare Coverage

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Healthcare coverage is important and what TailGate Brewery is doing defiantly got our attention.

Here’s the deal…

TailGate Brewery is an independently owned and operated craft brewery headquartered in Nashville with five taprooms across Tennessee. The brewery is known for its commitment to its team members: providing great wages, benefits, and work environment and now healthcare.

“In 2020 we promised our team we would grow,” said Owner, Founder & Brewmaster Wesley Keegan. “Growth doesn’t just mean making more beer, it means growing as an organization. Paying 100% of benefits for all team members has been a dream for a long time, and it’s something we have decided to make a reality.”

, Nashville Brewery Offers Employees 100% Healthcare Coverage“There’s an incredible cost, endless amount of red tape, and administrative challenges ahead, but it’s worth it. Benefits like this don’t exist in most industries. We’re thrilled to help add it to ours.”

“Our business plan is to be the best brewery in Tennessee,” Keegan added. “And businesses show appreciation by paying their team the right way. We’re proud that we do that, but some team members haven’t been eligible for basic rights like healthcare. These last couple of years have shown us all just how important access to healthcare is.”

TailGate’s already significant benefits package is currently at 50% company-sponsored healthcare for eligible team members (and 100% dental and vision). The brewery also offers a 401(k) plan, PTO, paid holidays, and wages they actively audit to ensure they are among the best in the industry.

But for Keegan, the ability to provide healthcare hits close to home…

“Personally speaking, my late father was the person who dreamt up the name TailGate Brewery. He died too young in large part because he didn’t have healthcare. He never got to see what we’ve done with just a name. I’m so grateful that we’ve created a business today that maybe can help people not experience what he and my family did.”


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