More Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

calorie, More Great Low Calorie Craft BeersIt used to be that light beers were the domain of the BIG Beer industry…And while that’s still true, craft brewers are increasingly getting into the low-calorie game…

And here are five great low-calories craft beer options that you might want to chase down…

Southern Tier Swipe Light

From its humble beginnings in the  woods outside of Lakewood, New York’s, to its now 30 state reach, Southern Tier Brewing has always been a step ahead…And now the brewery is offering one of the nation’s tastiest light craft beers

In spite of its awkward name and a bland tagline “Swipe Past Calories, Match with Taste” which owes more to Coors Light than to anything craft, Swipe Light is an incredibly flavorful 4% ABV beer. And with its bright Citra and Mosaic hop character and a touch of malt sweetness its low-cal success.

Jester King Le Petit Prince

calorie, More Great Low Calorie Craft BeersIn the world of craft beer, there are few breweries as daring and innovative as the Austin, Texas-based Jester King Brewery,

Jester King doesn’t traffic in core beers but they’re always returning different takes on projects they did in the past, like one “small prince” of a beer that predates the current low-calorie craft trend that we’re seeing today.

Brewed with a deft blend of noble hops and farmhouse yeast Jester King Le Petit Prince is a light and refreshing 2.9% ABV (Yes!), Belgian Saison with only 75 calories.

Lagunitas DayTime IPA

And yes we get that Lagunitas is now 100% owned by Heineken and for many, including the Brewers Association, can no longer be considered a “craft” beer. But still Lagunitas’ “fractional IPA” delivers a whole lot of flavor for a fraction of the calories that come with most India Pale Ales.

At 4% ABV and only 98 calories, DayTime IPA represents everything one would associate with a hop-forward beer including the buzz, without packing on the unwanted poundscalorie, More Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

Westbrook Gose

Another brilliant low calorie craft beer takes a road less taken and it’s one of the Mt Pleasant, South Carolina-based Westbrook Brewing’s most famous year-round offerings

Sour, delicious and only 120 calories Westbrook Gose is a 4% ABV traditional German-style sour wheat beer, brewed with coriander and grey sea salt

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