Molson Coors Partners With Gambling Site On New Beer Ad

, Molson Coors Partners With Gambling Site On New Beer Ad

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

Coors Light and Miller Lite have partnered with DraftKings and are giving fans a chance to weigh in on every detail of what will happen in an upcoming Super Bowl spot – from the number of beers poured to the facial hair of the cast and even the type of dog pictured behind the bar.

“After being shut out of the Super Bowl for more than 30 years, we pushed to do something that had never been done before,” Michelle St. Jacques, Molson Coors’ chief marketing officer told Beer & Beyond.

When Anheuser-Busch relinquished it Super Bowl exclusivity, Molson Coors took less than a minute to jump in. And the company’s two largest brands – Coors Light and Miller Lite – immediately began sparring over ownership of the ad.

And Molson Coors will be offering up serious money!

Fans can make their free picks via DraftKings until Super Bowl Sunday at 3:30 pm Eastern time. Winners will be announced the following morning to receive their share of the $500,000 prize pool.

With the chance to win a piece of a big pool of real money on the line, Molson Coors went to surprising lengths to keep the outcome a secret, including filming several different endings of the ad.

The decision to gamify the costly 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising comes as sports betting has hit the mainstream in the US and become embedded (for better or worse) in our culture.

ESPN reported that more than 46 million Americans were expected to place legal bets on the NFL this season.  But people aren’t just betting on the game’s outcome. They’re playing fantasy sports, and wagering on all kids of things like which receiver catches the first pass or what flavor of sports drink will be dumped on the winning coach.

“Why not keep the suspense going all the way to Super Bowl Sunday?” St. Jacques added. “By giving people the chance to predict every detail of the ad before it even runs, we’re bringing our fans along for the ride and getting them just as excited about our return to the big stage as we are.”

And with its “High Stakes Beer Ad” Molson Coors is extending its reach into one of the biggest betting holidays and one of the biggest media moments of the year.


(Image credits: Molson Coors)

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