Modern Times Beer Expands To Portland

beer, Modern Times Beer Expands To Portland

There’s some exciting and some concerning news for Portland’s Craft Brewing scene.

The good news is that Modern Times Beer will be opening a new brewery up there!

The more concerning news for another beloved Portland brewer is that they’ll be moving into the former Common’s Brewery Belmont neighborhood location.

The announcement that Modern Times Beer was expanding their base of operations, this time up to beervana, was both surprising (as is much of what the San Diego-based brewery does) and kinda obvious in retrospect.

In his blog posting Modern Times CEO and founder Jacob McKean explained that his company will be expanding into Portland and had signed a lease agreement with founder of The Commons Brewery, Mike Wright, who owns the 10,000 sq. ft. site where his current operation is located.

The immediacy of Modern Times decision to grow a new hub up in PDX accelerated with the acceptance of their SoCal brand up in the Pacific Northwest and a growing inability (a good problem to have) to keep up with demand.

So in January 2018 Modern Times Beer will be moving into the old Commons digs, and localizing their presence in Portland under the Belmont Fermentorium banner.

In his announcement McKean stressed that Modern Times was in no way acquiring The Commons. That The Commons is just vacating their current space and Modern Times will be leasing that space from Mike Wright, the building’s owner.

What this all means for Mike Wright and the futere of The Commons’ in Portland is open to speculation…But we can only hope that it allows the brewery some stability going forward as they too are a terrific brewing operation that has done some incredible things.

All image credits: Modern Times

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