Miller Beats Coors In Baseball Beer Series

The Milwaukee Brewers just swept Colorado Rockies in the National League Division Series, leaving Golden, Colorado’s Coors Brewing to provide free beer to Milwaukee beer lovers.

Here’s the deal…

Milwaukee and Denver are both beer towns…So much so that their ballparks are named after their hometown breweries, Coors Field and Miller Park.

the reigning champ.

And with the National league’s Division title at stake, those breweries took the opportunity to are reportedly have own beer series with the losing team’s beer company (in this case Coors) providing free at certain bars in Milwaukee on October 12th.

But even though the Milwaukee Brewers will be going to the League Championship Series for only the third time, the ultimate winner (at least from a promotional perspective) is MillerCoors who owns both companies and who received tons of free press (including us) from the gambit.

It was also semi-interesting that the rBeer Series pitted the No. 2-selling beer in the nation (Coors Light) against the No. 3 bestseller, Miller Lite…so there’s that.

Similar to Anheuser-Busch’s recent football tie-in where the global installed locked Bud Light beer fridges at a number of Cleveland bars full of free beer at that were unlocked after the Browns ended a two-year drought with a recent win over the New York Jets…MillerCoors’ Beer Series was a promotional opportunity just waiting to happen.

And no matter which team ended up winning the series …MillerCoors scored and will continue to receive plenty of free publicity for both of its brands.

Banner image courtesy of MillerCoors

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