A Little Beast That Roars

, A Little Beast That Roars

There are beers conceived by brewers that just feel right. They understand the balancing act required to create something truly unique, refreshing and equally sweet, bitter, sour and/or funky. It’s not done lightly, for those who know will definitely take notice, get in line and be thankful for the opportunity to savor something that feels made exactly for this time and place.

Such a happening will transpire tomorrow when a newly minted OP Wurst location in Portland, Oregon will host the official launch of Little Beast Brewing, the new endeavor from founder/brewer Charles Porter, and we’re already licking our lips.

If you’re not familiar with Charles’ work, you might be familiar with where he’s been during his 23 years in the industry: Upland Brewing, as a Cellarman at Deschutes Brewery, then at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales in Hood River, Oregon. So not only does he have the breadth of experience required to tackle the wild/sour styles that he’s helped popularize, the guy is a biologist and one of a handful of American brewers to early on hone the use of Brettanomyces in beer.

Since joining David Logsdon as a co-founder of the brewery in 2010, Porter’s reputation for understanding the , A Little Beast That Roarsmicroflora or “bugs” required to conceive of those GABF, World Beer Cup and World Beer Championship beers are even more reason to get excited. Their Peche n’ Brett and Oak Aged Bretta are like nothing else out there, for starters.

Leaving Logsdon in 2015 amid the uncertainty of a sale and a change to the enterprise, he decided to set out on his own. Taking up residence at the former Brannon’s Pub & Brewery, now the Westgate Bourbon Bar & Taphouse in Beaverton, Porter is able to conduct his own miniature symphony of delightfully tasty critters.

And it is all in the name – the French term for this microflora is petit bête, or in English, Little Beast. This painstaking task of creating a house culture composed of Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces among others, combined with aging in wood vessels as well as steel, all go into the process of creating these golden nectars. And we haven’t even touched upon his local foraging habit – producing amazing flavors by utilizing the local flora from the Oregon landscape.

The three brews Porter’s created thus far have been poured in dribs and drabs at a few taprooms around Beaverton and Portland, then received a great response at this year’s Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival a few weeks back.

So don’t miss this official launch party happening tomorrow at Portland’s OP Wurst on SE Division from 5 to 8pm. There will be complimentary samples of Little Beast’s inaugural beers “Bes” – a tart wheat, and “Fera” – a 100% Brett Saison.  Not to mention some “artfully paired sausages” from Elias Cairo. Find more details on the facebook event page.

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