Lakefront Brewery Recalls Explosive Beer

(Courtesy Lakefront Brewery)

Lakefront Brewery is recalling My Turn Junk a sour ale that they’ve now deemed too volatile and has risk of explosion.

Here’s the deal…

Milwaukee-based Lakefront Brewery is asking anyone with bottles of My Turn Junk, a kettle sour with cherries, to either refrigerate or CAREFULLY dispose of them.

The beer has been found to contain small amounts of wild yeast from the cherries that it was brewed with. And those cherries have continued to ferment leading to a carbon dioxide build up in the bottles which increases their volatility and ups the risk for explosion.

The good news is that beer itself is completely safe to drink, as long as you do it VERY carefully.

“We all take in wild yeast in the air we breathe and the liquid is perfectly tasty,” said Lakefront Brewery Founder and President, Russ Klisch. “The risk comes with pressure building up in warm beer that continues to ferment.”

Lakefront Brewery is offering a refund to those who dispose of their My Turn Junk.

Michael Stodola, Brand Manager for Lakefront, is asking that those with bottles of the sour to take a photograph of the bottle’s back label and to send it to [email protected], along with your address, by October 1st.

And thankfully it’s not like these bottles are going off everywhere. Beer retail hasn’t turned into Beirut…

There’s only been a few bottles out in the market that have exploded according to the brewery and so far there haven’t been any injuries or customer complaints.

But in the name of safety Lakefront Brewery is playing it safe and voluntarily recalling all bottles for refunds.

Every so often we hear about we hear about beer bottles exploding. In 2018 Canadian craft brewer Le Castor was forced to recall three releases after retailers began reporting that a number of them had exploded.

And in 2014 10 Barrel Brewing’s Swill was pulled from shelves across North America after it was discovered that some bottles were undergoing secondary fermentation causing many of them to explode.

For more information on My Turn Junk recall visit the Lakefront Brewery website or call (414) 372-8800.

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