Lagunitas Buys Into Short’s Brewing

In a video presentation Michigan-based Short’s Brewing has announced that Lagunitas has purchased a 19.99% equity stake in their company.

According to the brewery this partial acquisition will allow the company both the cash and the resources necessary  to reinvest in the company.

Keep in mind that Lagunitas is now entirely owned by Heineken so this new association is consequential.

According to the brewery this partnership “stems from Short’s desire to successfully navigate the ever-evolving craft market while maintaining its creatively fearless identity.”

As part of this new agreement Short’s will be managed by Lagunitas U.S. Holdings — or LUSH, whose founding principle is “to build relationships with, and support, regional breweries.”

When asked about the partnership between Short’s and Lagunitas, Lagunitas’ founder, Tony Magee, stated, “Having Joe and Scott and all their talented people joining up with the LUSH group is mostly cool but also kinda weird. Have you met those guys? I thought Bellaire was in Canada


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