How American Craft Beer Will Be Celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2019

St Patrick’s Day is nearly here…Dublin is already in lockdown and Boston and NYC are preparing for the inevitable. And, as usual, we’re 100% in.

Celebrated annually on March 17th for more than 1000 years, St Patrick’s Day, has evolved into a cultural acknowledgement of the Irish people many of whom have already started celebrating weeks ago…but we hope to catch up.

What We Won’t Be Doing

What we won’t be doing is wearing green for the holiday or lying that we’ve relatives in Galway. Almost everybody claims to be largely Irish on St Patrick’s Day anyway, especially after a couple of beers.

The good news is craft beer journalists, we no longer have to rationalize our St Patrick’s Day drinking here at American Craft Beer.

We’ve been accused of having substance abuse problems in the past, but on St Patrick’s Day we’re serious professionals chasing down a story!

What We Will Be Doing

Out of deference to the REAL St Patrick (who actually was a British transplant!), we’ll begin our day of controlled-drinking around breakfast with a low ABV Irish lager so we can maintain a light buzz before things get more aggressive in the evening.

And we’ll definitely be hitting an Irish pub somewhere. There’s nothing like hanging out with hundreds of college kids (and the occasional Ethiopian) all claiming to be Irish while power-pounding green Natural Light.

ACB’s Tom Bobak pacing himself on St Patrick’s Day

We may also try to track down some Irish cuisine. Who doesn’t enjoy a big bowl of Irish stew that’s 90% potatoes and cabbage, punctuated with tidbits of lamb, mutton, or goat after having consumed 130 green beers?

And later we’ll Uber our way back home and make faces at the authorities manning the DUI checkpoints throughout the city, as they begrudging wave us along.

Being the professionals we are, we’ll probably end this St Patrick’s Day by blaring old U2 and Pogues recordings until the neighbors threaten to call the cops.

And we’ll finish things off this year with some undistinguished Irish whiskey at bedtime and pass out with strains of Danny Boy on auto-repeat in our head.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the American Craft Beer crew…

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