Founder Claims Riots A Factor In Portland Brewing Closing

, Founder Claims Riots A Factor In Portland Brewing Closing

On January 8, Portland Brewing, one of Oregon’s original craft breweries, took to Facebook to announce that it would be closing its doors forever in early February.

And one of our favorite Pacific Northwest craft beer sites, the New School, took the opportunity reach out to current and former owners and brewers of Portland Brewing for their memories and reflections.

Everybody’s take on this sad event is 100% worth your time. But we found Art Larrance, who founded the brewery in 1986 along with two friends), overtly political reflections particularly impassioned, whether you agree with him or not.

And we’ve reprinted his comments in an edited form…

“It’s tough out there in the beer world now. I don’t want to get into politics, but this state has no feelings for the business world. Just shut up and send us your tax money.”

“This city and state cannot solve the violence and homeless situation so how do expect them to understand how to run a business which none of our political leaders have even done.”

“This bleeding of the state’s enterprises will affect all aspects of the business world. Downtown Portland is likely to never return to its glory. I predict a Detroit comparable for Portland downtown. The issue is more that the owners of Portland Brewing in Costa Rica have had enough of the lawlessness of Portland and want to escape before they become more of a victim that they already have endured. Companies will be fleeing Portland in masses as the rioters continue to damage the integrity and property of this once fair city.”

“Downtown businesses are leaving the filth by allowing for home offices which will clean out the offices downtown and thus customers. I don’t have confidence people will want to visit this city in the near future for festivals and sporting events.”

“That’s more than what you asked for but I lay the blame directly on the Mayor and his group non decision makers for business failures…they don’t really care about us…just give me your tax money as I know better than you how to spend your tax dollars.”

Art Larrance, founder and former owner of Portland Brewing, Cascade Brewing and owner of the Oregon Brewers Festival.

FIFCO, the Costa Rica headquartered company which owns Portland Brewing will be transfering its Pyramid Brewing production to its Genesse brewery in Rochester, NY.

“We wish there were an alternative. The history of the Portland brewery and its brands made this a very difficult decision,” Rich Andrews, FIFCO USA stated in a press release. …

“It just no longer made sense to sustain the operation given the competitive craft beer landscape, and the capital investments needed to update the brewery.”

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