Facial Expressions Give Away How You Really Feel About A Beer

, Facial Expressions Give Away How You Really Feel About A Beer

Researchers in Japan have found that two diverse facial expressions will reveal whether you REALLY like a beer or not. Knowledge that could potentially hinder anyone’s ability to lie about the beer they’re drinking.

According to the Daily Mail it comes down to two basic expressions which happen immediately after tasting the beer, that give away your true feelings about the brew.

, Facial Expressions Give Away How You Really Feel About A BeerThe first expression is called a ‘lip suck” (don’t go there!). A lip suck is when the lips are drawn inwards, as if saying ‘mmmmm’. It’s an immediate ‘tell’ indicating that the consumer enjoyed the taste of a beer.

Researchers called the second facial expression a “lip press.” As you might think, a lip press is when we’re pressing our lips together, down on top of each other rather than inwards. It reveals that the consumer actually thought a beer tasted terrible.

Scientists at Brewing Science Laboratories, a research lab belonging to Japanese brewing giant Asahi, conducted the research. 151 Japanese beer consumers were recruited for the study, and asked to try three different beer samples. A third of the participants were employees of the Japanese beer giant, with the other 101 taking part members of the general public.

For the study, the Brewing Science Laboratories scientists used facial recognition technology to scan people’s facial expressions. Through that process they discovered two inescapable facial responses that revealed the beer consumer’s true preferences.

Obviously, a beer tasting good is important to commercial brewers such as Asahi.  And the study posits that this should be done by analyzing a taster’s facial expressions, rather than asking them whether they enjoyed it or not.

“Relying solely on explicit liking could lead to a misunderstanding of consumers’ real intentions, ultimately resulting in the failure of a new product after its launch on the market,” the team say in their paper.

“Analyzing facial expressions as an implicit measurement may provide a better understanding of consumers’ preferences at a subconscious level by capturing their objective responses to products after tasting.”


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