More Essential Craft Beer Pilsners To Try Before You Die

, More Essential Craft Beer Pilsners To Try Before You DieSummer’s almost here. And with comes baseball games, outdoor cookouts, and most important of all, pilsner time. And here’s some essential American craft beer pilsners that you absolutely need try before you “kick it.”

Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner

As with many traditional titles from heritage brewers like Brooklyn Brewery, defining beer’s sometimes become overlooked, “taken for granted,” or simply forgotten. And since it’s been almost sixteen since they first debuted this signature lager, it’s clearly the right time to reacquaint yourself with a true classic.

Maybe it’s because, it’s been overshadowed by the  brewery’s better-known Vienna Lager, that Brooklyn Pilsner doesn’t get credited for what it is – one of America’s best and truest pilsners.

Sixpoint The Crisp

New York City’s Sixpoint Brewing does a lot of great stuff but just as with Brooklyn Brewery there pilsner is one of the best beers in their laudable portfolio.

Aromatically hoppier than one normally expects from a traditional pilsner and at 5.4% ABV somewhat bigger as well, The Crisp was one of the first beers that Sixpoint ever produced and it rightfully remains one of their most popular!

Revolution Rev Pils

Illinois-based Revolution Brewing describes their brilliant creation as a “Chicago Pilsner” and their can even features statues designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the legendary Midwest architect/visionary, and beer’s pretty visionary as well.

Instinctively Germanic in its directive, Revolution’s 5.5% ABV Rev Pils is both a nod to brewing’s past and its future.

, More Essential Craft Beer Pilsners To Try Before You DieNotch Session Pils

Founded by Tremont alumnus, Chris Lohring back in 2010, Massachusetts-based Notch Brewing has built a nationwide reputation for their full-flavored yet sessionable beers. And since many the best pilsners live in that low-alcohol realm, we’re not surprised that they brew one of the best.

An unapologetic salute to the great unfiltered lagers of the Czech Republic, Notch Session Pils is a crisp, herbal, and hoppy. 4% ABV homage to the proud European tradition.



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