Drunk People Don’t Know How Wasted They Are

Drunk, Drunk People Don’t Know How Wasted They Are

A team of Australian researchers have now verified, what many of us have long thought obvious, that drunk people have no clue as to how wasted they are.

It’s true…

An intrepid team of researchers from Australia’s Deakin, La Trobe and Curtin universities embarked on a study where they canvassed bars across the country to compare how drunk people thought they were…and how drunk they actually were.

Fun work, if you can get it…

But we have to ask do these professors really get paid for this? Or maybe the more important question would be “did they have an expense account?”

The field work itself couldn’t have been more straightforward….

 Armed with a breath tester they asked: “On a scale of zero to 10, how drunk are you?” And if the data they were able to secure is to be believed, respondents had no idea just how wasted they actually were.

According the New York Post to the study found that “when people reached about twice the legal blood-alcohol limit they could longer tell how drunk they were.”

So you need to keep in mind, that next time you’re ‘out of your mind,’ you may not know it.

And to complicate things further, those same researchers found that even seriously drunk people might not show it…Drunk, Drunk People Don’t Know How Wasted They Are

“Physical signs of drunkenness, such as red or glazed eyes, slurred speech patterns and impaired walking or staggering, appear at different stages for different people. It all depends on “individual and environmental factors”.

But thankfully there is an apparent endgame according to Ben Graham and AAP

The research team also found “people who are generally too drunk to keep drinking, stagger or fall over, slur their words or become incredibly boisterous or confused.”

So at least there’s that…just sayin.’

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