Deschutes Brewery & Patagonia Brew Two New Organic Beers With Sustainable Grain

, Deschutes Brewery & Patagonia Brew Two New Organic Beers With Sustainable Grain

(Courtesy Patagonia Provisions – Credit: Amy Kumler)

In an effort to scale organic and Regenerative Organic Certified ingredients, Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage business of outdoor apparel company Patagonia, has been championing a beer using a special earth-friendly grain.

And now Deschutes Brewery has joined other renowned breweries like Allagash Brewing Company, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Odell Brewing, Rhinegeist Brewery, and partnered with Patagonia Provisions to create two new brews using the game-changing grain.

So why Kernza?

Deep-rooted Perennial crops like Kernza require minimal tilling, increase soil organic matter, improve soil health and water-holding capacity, and help fight the climate crisis.

Whereas most grains are planted and harvested annually, Kernza stays in the ground year after year, developing water and nutrient transmitting roots that can up to 12 feet long.

, Deschutes Brewery & Patagonia Brew Two New Organic Beers With Sustainable Grain

(Courtesy Patagonia provisions – Credit: Amy Kumler)

Perennial crops like Kernza are beneficial to the environment; they protect soil from erosion and improve soil structure. They increase ecosystem nutrient retention, carbon sequestration, and can contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation. And when Kernza is used in brewing, it  can make for an interesting beer.

With over three decades of brewing delicious craft beers and delivering award-winning innovations, along with their recent non-alcoholic advancements through BrewVo® technology, Deschutes Brewery joins Patagonia Provisions to inspire a shift in the brewing industry towards more responsible practices and to scale Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) and organic ingredients in beer.

Most breweries source barley and hops from conventional industrial farms, which use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. And less than 50 of the 9,700+ breweries in the US produce certified organic beer according to the USDA.

Together, Deschutes and Patagonia Provisions aim to increase that number, which would mean expanded acreage of organic farmland and lower ingredient costs.

, Deschutes Brewery & Patagonia Brew Two New Organic Beers With Sustainable Grain

(Courtesy Deschutes Brewery / Patagonia Provisions)

And while Deschutes is but the latest to join Patagonia Provisions in this worthy crusade it is first craft brewery to use the Kernza grain in a non-alcoholic beer. And here’s how the Bend, Oregon-based brewery describes both…

Deschutes x Patagonia Provisions: Kernza Lager

Wildly drinkable at 4.7% ABV Kernza Lager is brimming with light floral and lemon note that are complemented by Kernza’s subtle earthy herbal character.

Deschutes x Patagonia Provisions: Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew

Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew contains the same high-quality organic ingredients and the same great flavor as Kernza Lager but without the alcohol. It’s crafted entirely in-house at Deschutes through a partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies and utilizes the company’s patented BrewVo® technology in combination with Deschutes’ proprietary brewing methods.

“As brewers, we turn barley, Kernza, and hops into tasty drinks that bring people together,” said Peter Skrbek, CEO of Deschutes Brewery. “By working with farmers to eliminate chemicals, conserve water, and improve soil health, we can make a big impact. We’re excited to partner with Patagonia Provisions, who share our vision for better farming and great beer for every lifestyle. Together, we aim to revolutionize the beer supply chain and promote regenerative organic farming.”

, Deschutes Brewery & Patagonia Brew Two New Organic Beers With Sustainable Grain“We’re thrilled to team up with Deschutes Brewery to bring two organic beers – a Kernza Lager and a Kernza non-alcoholic brew — to a national audience,” stated Paul Lightfoot, General Manager of Patagonia Provisions. “This isn’t just about great-tasting brews—though they are pretty fantastic—it’s about championing organic and Regenerative Organic Certified® ingredients and shifting the brewing industry to more responsible practices.

Both beers will be brewed with organic practices at Deschutes’ brewery in Bend, Oregon, in a continuation of their pioneering efforts to use responsibly sourced organic ingredients (Deschutes was one of the first breweries to produce a certified organic beer in 2007).

Kernza Lager and Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew will be sold in 6-packs of 12oz cans and available at all major retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Total Wine & More, a by September 1.


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