Craft Lite? Kona Brewing Debuts New Low Calorie Beer

Looks like Kona Brewing getting into the light beer game and were not sure if this says about today’s craft beer industry…

There was a time when word of a craft brewery introducing a light beer would have been met with disbelief and laughter. Hell there was a time when craft beer in cans was dismissed as ridiculous…Both suggestions spoke to the world of Big Beer, and tasteless mass-market products craft beer fans had long rejected….but not anymore.

And given craft beer’s increasingly competitive environment, brewers are rethinking assumptions …so why not a craft beer light brand? Why not a full-flavored alternative to those mass-produced lagers especially one with just 99 calories?

Kona Brewing has developed a craft beer light brand that they debuted exclusively at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa on Maui last October. And it was so well received that they’re making it available nationwide.

Kona’s new entrée into the light beer market, Kanaha Blonde Ale, is a 4.2% ABV beach- friendly refresher that the brewery describes as being smooth with a hint of mango…


And if you sense that we’re being a bit snarky about the idea of a craft beer light brand…maybe we are.

But we also dismissed the idea of craft beer in cans ever being successful when Oskar Blues first introduced them back in 2002…and we couldn’t have been more wrong

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